Thursday, January 20, 2011


Acrylic. 2011.

As promised, here is my latest painting, the relative behemoth of my latest body of work at 62" by 70". With this piece, I feel like I've reached a milestone. The vision I've been working for these past few months is coalescing more solidly than ever and I feel very confidant as I move on to my next work. I'm now working on two, much much smaller paintings. At 8x10", how much will they share with this work, and how much will the change in scale affect my approach as a painter? Obviously the impact of scale on the viewer is sort of a moot point on the internet, unfortunately.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Grey Noises

Grey Noises I
Ink on Paper

Grey Noises II
Ink on Paper

Updates have been sparse as of late because of two things:

1) Holiday lethargy (aka I'm lazy)

2) (More excitingly) I've been working on a 60x72" painting and it is now nearing completion! I've set up in my garage, using large brushes and rollers to make a work in which one can contemplate each mark, but that overall comes together in movements. I'm really excited to post it here once it's finished. It's a new foray in the exploration of the themes I've been invested in these past few months.