Wednesday, October 19, 2011


36" x 36"
Acrylic. 2011.

New painting finally completed. This one is clearly quite different from its predecessors as the initial observations for this work were made from an actual model. It was constructed with cardboard and playdough. I think the fact that this particular environment was directly observed gives the finished product an uncanny quality. Yes, this otherwordly scene was painted from observation.

I'm preparing for East Austin Studio Tour and one of my recent paintings ('Vision Thing') will be featured in an E.A.S.T group show opening on Oct. 22nd at 916 Springdale Rd., Austin, Tx, 78702 and running throughout the tour. Exciting times we live in.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Monster I
9" x 10"
Mixed Media. 2011.

Monster II
9" x 10"
Mixed Media. 2011.

Continuing along similar lines to my recent comic, I have here two mixed media drawings of monsters. They were done primarily with acrylic, ink and Prisma. The drawings were done for the upcoming Monster Show at Austin's Domy Books. I really recommend checking Domy out if you're in the area- it's a bookstore and gallery that specializes in everything cool. (i.e. Zines, Comixs, Art Books, Poetry, Manifestos, etc.) It has sort of a counter culture vibe, but is spacious, well-curated and neatly organized. Definitely one of the best spots in Austin. Anyway, these drawings are based on celebrity photos. I'd be really interested if anyone could guess who these monsters are modeled on.