Wednesday, October 21, 2009

'Swelling' EP by Single Lash

Hey everyone! It's been a busy few months since I last posted! Lot's of fun new stuff to come, but for now, here's the five-song EP my band- Single Lash- put out last month. If you like what you hear- you can follow the link and download it for just five bucks! Later.

<a href="">Warm Me by Single Lash</a>


Schedel said...

I've literally been listening to this ALL THE TIME. It's amazingly versatile music, for walking in the rain, working out, and being up in the middle of the night doing nothing. It sounds incredible on headphones, too; I really prefer it that way, and it makes me think of better things than the people around me at the cafes etc.

Nicolas Nadeau said...

Thanks, man. I'm glad someone is enjoying all the time I spent mixing it! I'm really excited about the next album- Colin and I are going to do a lot of recording over winterbreak.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up!