Friday, May 13, 2011


Acrylic. 2011

I've been working on this series now since a bit before I graduated from RISD- which was almost a year ago. Man, time really flies. The good news is that I clearly don't require the school environment to stay motivated. In fact, I feel like I've been thriving creatively since being cast out into the cold, cruel "real world". Here's to my fellow 2010 grads- I hope everyone's managing to do ok in this mess.


Viktoria said...

very unusual pattern, I like the combination of deep vibrant colors in a composition, I really did not understand the meaning. I was wondering do you ever painted a realistic picture?

Nicolas Nadeau said...


Thank you! Yes, I have been making more figurative work for years and still do. You can see a lot of it in the archives of this blog or at