Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do they make a beret to fit a head this big?

"I am one of those insane thinkers, I express myself through art and philosophy, if they are not one and the same. I evoke many a muse like no one has seen since the times of old. Let me change the world. I am the farthest from the most walked road. I am Nietzsche's overhuman and I am ready to be plucked, a ripe talent worth many a gold statue. My greatest works shall not be displayed here, but does it matter, my life is my greatest work, or is it my state of consciousness..."
- Guy on Craigslist (Overhuman)

Happened upon this gem today. Is this guy looking for work or is he just bragging? I hope he's above sullying his (most) profound artistic talents in the commercial world, or I've got bigger competition in Austin than I can handle. Guess I'll be moving to Brooklyn.

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